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AUT206-21 Introductory Webinar - From Worrier to Warrior for Primary Schools

While separation anxiety is a normal part of development, it becomes problematic when the symptoms; fear of being alone, fear of abandonment, somatic complaints, and worry about atrocities; hinders the child’s normal day to day living (Eisen & Schaefer; 2005.) In essence the child begins to fear the fear itself.

When a child’s fear causes her nervous system to be preoccupied with remaining safe and avoiding threat, she cannot attend to the here and now. Her survival brain is engaged and access to her learning brain is impeded. Out of fear of the consequences of separation from their attachment figure, children experiencing this may refuse to participate in play activities or even attend school (Choate et al, 2005).

Wipfler and Schore state that when a child feels connected and protected her limbic system can do a very important job; it can coordinate communication between all parts of the brain (2016). The learning brain re-engages. With a response that is rooted in connection within a structured and predictable environment, an anxious child can be supported to find the inner warrior within the worrier.

This workshop will support participants to
- Understand anxiety and the impact it has on the way a child operated within the school environment
- Respond to those anxieties in child centered, playful way – empowering the child to externalise and manage their fear
- Use classroom management strategies to create an environment and atmosphere that promotes calm
- Explore how anxiety can lead to school refusal

Register Here: Zoom link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_RA854LxkRC6uPrbr9S9S1Q

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Course Start Date / Time 20-09-2021 4:00 pm
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