AUT343-23 Practical Retrieval Exercises for the JC Classroom

21TRA603 Retrieval Practice Exercises for the JC Classroom





When we think about learning, we generally focus on getting information ‘in’ to student’s heads. We as teachers might lecture, show videos, encourage note taking. Students often try to study by re-reading, highlighting, and reviewing their notes. In both situations, the focus is on getting information ‘in’.

Retrieval practice is a classroom strategy in which students are deliberately asked to pull knowledge ‘out’ and examine what they know. It is the struggle/challenge of ‘retrieving’ this information that strengthens their learning. The act of trying to pull information ‘out’ also helps students identify gaps in their own learning.

In this webinar, Lee will look at practical exercises that help embed this idea of retrieval practice in Junior Cycle classrooms.

Lee will walk-through and share 50+ retrieval practice exercises and templates that are not subject specific and can be adapted to multiple subjects. The aim of webinar is to practically demonstrate how retrieval practice can be implemented into day-to-day lessons and across schemes of work in a Junior Cycle environment.

Bio of Presenter: Lee O’Donnell

Lee O Donnell

Lee O’Donnell is a teacher of Geography & History at Woodbrook College in Wicklow & LC History content creator for Exam Revision. He runs the Leaving Certificate podcast ‘Skin in the Game’. He has delivered retrieval practice lectures alongside the UCD School of Education.

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Course Start Date / Time 29-09-2021 7:00 pm
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