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  • AUT22-117 Developing Maths Skills for Everyday Living Using Numicon, Mathlink, Cuisenaire and DownsAbility Multi-Sensory Maths Manipulatives

AUT22-117 Developing Maths Skills for Everyday Living Using Numicon, Mathlink, Cuisenaire and DownsAbility Multi-Sensory Maths Manipulatives

22TRA272 Developing Maths Skills for Everyday Living Using Multi-Sensory Maths Manipulatives






Date:     Wednesday 21st, 28th September & 5th October 2022
Time:     7 pm - 9 pm
Venue:  Online via Zoom


This course is limited to 30 participants.

Session 1 - Wednesday 21st September @ 7 pm - 9 pm
1a - Developing Counting Skills 1-10
Overcoming the challenges in maths; cumbers and what they mean; learning the language of maths; embedding maths manipulatives into practical play; constructing meaning - developing competence in counting; cardinality and number conservation.
1b - Working with Teen Numbers
Numicon Patterns and Mathlink rods; giving them number names and attaching the associated numerals; working with teen numbers; progressing to numbers to 100 and beyond; exploring place value and the magnitude of numbers and their relationships with other numbers.

Session 2 - Wednesday 28th September @ 7 pm - 9 pm
2a - Addition and Subtraction
Calculating - finding how many without counting: understanding the structures and associated language of addition and subtraction; exploring more and less than and equivalence in mathematical equations; addition and subtraction beyond 20; bridging the tens.
2b - Multiplication and Division
Focusing on the multiplication and division structures and associated language.; understanding the commutative law of multiplication and the link to division as its inverse; division and remainders; exploring the link between division and fractions.

Session 3 - Wednesday 5th october @ 7 pm - 9 pm
3a - Fractions
Vulgar fraction; equivalent fractions, LCM (lowest common multiple and) HCF (highest common factor); the connection between tenths, decimal fractions and percentage.
3b - Money and Time
Time: Learning and sequencing the days of the week, months and seasons of the year identifying the clock face as a circular number line; counting in 5s and tens to 60; recognising and recording digital time; the connection with the analogue clock.
Money: Recognising coin values; handling money; shopping activities, rounding unto nearest euro
Fun activities for participants: Square numbers, Fill the Board, Summing the Digits; Formula,


Bio of Presenter: Cecilie MacKinnon

cecilie mackinnon

Cecilie has 20 years experience as a classroom teacher throughout the full primary range and in an SEN advisory post supporting both primary and secondary schools. Whilst working for the Local Authority, Cecilie undertook 2 Post Graduate Diplomas in; Early Years Education and Support for Learning.

Since 1998 she has worked in the voluntary sector as Education Officer with the Scottish and Natonal Down Syndrome Associations supporting families and schools. She has many years of experience as a trainer, having delivered training to Parent led Support groups and for professional development of Teachers, Support Assistants and Leadership Teams in both the primary and secondary sector.

She was a member of, the U.K. Down’s Syndrome Education Consortium who worked collaboratively to produce many publications on supporting children with Down syndrome. She is also a member of the ‘All Party Parliamentary Working Group responsible for the publication: Down Syndrome: Good Practice Guidelines for Education.

She is an accredited Numicon and Down Syndrome Education International trainer and develops practical teaching resources to support the education and development of language and communication skills and maths skills for everyday living.

Her speciality in this field has been to research and investigate the difficulties that mathematics and language present to children with learning disabilities and typically developing children. As a result she has authored publications on ‘Developing Literacy Skills’, and ‘Developing Skills in Numeracy and Mathematics’ and provided training in using maths manipulatives for schools, local authorities and parent groups throughout the U K and Northern Ireland.

Cecilie now works as an independent consultant on Numeracy and Literacy and all aspects of support and education of children and young people with Down syndrome. She is passionate about the Numicon approach and is and committed to ensuring that children of all abilities enjoy and become confident in mathematics.


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Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 21-09-2022 7:00 pm
Course End Date / Time 05-10-2022 9:00 pm
Capacity 30
Course Fee Free
Location Online

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