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Mindfulness for Kids in Challenging Times (8-12 years)

Below are a series of video links which may be helpful for children struggling at home.

This video focuses on some of the challenges that children may experience with doing school work from home.  

The Mindfulness for Kids Feeling Frustrated Video 

Our second video The Mindfulness for Kids Gratitude Video  revisits the experience of loss that so many children are experiencing now and will continue to experience into the Summer. 

In each video, we share a mindfulness technique that children can use to respond with strength and kindness, to the feelings of frustration and disappointment that these scenarios can trigger. The videos are directly related to the Irish Primary School SPHE curriculum, specifically the strand units Taking Care of my Body and Growing and Changing, in the strand Myself, as well as the strand unit of Myself and my Family in the strand, Myself and Others.

In making these videos our intention has been is to support teachers, parents and guardians in helping the children to resource themselves to meet the extraordinary challenges of this time.


Previously Released:

Mindfulness for Kids in Challenging Times -Introduction

The Mindfulness for Kids Worry Video

The Mindfulness for Kids Anger Video

The Mindfulness for Kids Feeling Sad Video

The Mindfulness for Kids Kindness Video

 If you feel these videos would be of benefit to your ed‚Äčucational community or your child, we would encourage you to share them. Feel free to leave a comment after you have watched a video.


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