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Something Fishy 2018

Something Fishy Project 2018
Following the success of the Something Fishy project over the last few years, Navan Education Centre is inviting schools to participate in the online Something Fishy Project and supervised field trips to a local river to study wild life and water quality in 2017. 
Around the country last year, classes visited local rivers with fisheries board officers and conducted numerous experiments, sampling water quality, identifying wildlife and judging the overall health of rivers.  The Eastern Regional Fisheries Board is offering the same service to a limited number of schools this year through Navan Education Centre.
Something Fishy is a programme targeted at fifth and sixth classes in Primary school. The aim is to inform and educate students on water quality, fish, the environment and angling. We would encourage teachers to use the website as it is a terrific resource for many topics on the primary science curriculum.
Please go to  www.somethingfishy.ie   We feel students should have completed the online course before going on the field trip. You are invited to express your interest in taking part in this exciting programme. To do so please complete the attached form and return to Navan Education Centre by Wednesday 6th December 2017 by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Divided into 3 Separate parts containing 3 Essential elements.
1……..Lessons in the Classroom
2……..Fieldtrip or visit to the river
3……..Focus on Learning
(1)   Lessons in the Classroom:
Something Fishy is a dream project for schools
The Lessons are a gift for teachers, the way they are presented and fun for the children….the web site is ….. “ www.somethingfishy.ie”…..…..
The series of 8 lessons is based on the SESE Curriculum.
It is an integrated programme which includes many teaching and learning experiences emanating from the Strands and Strand Units of History, Geography and Science, in particular, but through Linkage and Integration many opportunities will present to connect with most if not all of the subjects in the New Curriculum.
(2)  The Fieldtrip  //  Visit to the River:
This is “Education” at its best, where the children will learn through experience, activity and fun. The IFI staff will invite the teacher and pupils to join them on the river bank.  These Fisheries people are experts and they will have the children in the palm of their hands as they teach the values of life on the river and its environment. They will encourage safety and awareness and explain the importance of water quality and ways of judging it and improving it. They will demonstrate the importance of conservation and promote the anti pollution and anti litter message. They will take ‘kick samples’ with the children and explain the findings. They will show samples of fish life in the river by ‘electric fishing’. They will promote angling as a hobby and encourage fish as a food. These activities are very exciting for the pupils, as they will see young salmon, trout, eels and other species up close and they will be allowed to touch and feel the caught fish. In the event of bad weather the IFI staff will bring the “river” into the classroom.
(3)  Focus on Learning: 
This is the 3rd and final part of the programme. It is an opportunity for the teacher    (a) to reinforce the classroom lessons and the IFI message and  (b) to assess the children’s learning.
It is also very important for IFI and BEC to get ‘feed back’ on how the programme is developing in schools.
All participating schools will be asked to express ‘digitally’ how the programme ‘Something Fishy’ has impacted on ‘learning’ from the children’s perspective and from an IFI point of view. Awards will be given at local and national level for the best presentations of work done.
 Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to organise a application to be sent . 

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